Levingston's, Wexford

A photograph of the Levingston's entrance on Redmond Road in Wexford. Levingston's is an electrical contractor that installs and services products such as CCTV cameras. This was taken in February of 2015.

Levingston's, Wexford

Train driving through Wexford

Photographs of the Dublin-to-Rosslare train as it came driving through Wexford. These were taken from the old cinema car park.

In the background, you can just about make out Ely Hospital, which is in Ferrybank:

Train Wexford

These were taken on the 21st of Feb, 2015:

Wexford Train

Old cinema car park, Wexford

A photograph of the old cinema car park on Redmond Road in Wexford. In the background, you can see the Cineplex Cinema, which was closed a number of years ago. Date: 21st Feb 2015.

Car park wexford

Marathon Fitness, Wexford

A photograph of the Marathon Fitness outlet in Wexford Town. Situated in Eden House on Redmond Road. Marathon Fitness specialises in TRX training, Resistance training and the "Timed Sprinting Track".

Marathon Fitness, Wexford

Sadhana Yoga, Wexford

A photograph of the Sadhana Yoga outlet in Wexford. Situated in the Eden House building on Redmond Road. Sadhana Yoga offers "Beginners Yoga", "Progressive Yoga", "Vinyasa Flow", Pilates, "Craniosacral Therapy" and "Herbs & Detox." This business is located beside the now-closed GPS Homevalue Hardware building.

Sadhana Yoga, Wexford

GPS, Wexford

During the boom times, when the Celtic Tiger was roaring, construction supplies companies were awash with cash. However, in 2008, the housing bubble in Ireland "burst", so to speak. After the crash, housing loans fell by 73% and house prices dropped by about 35%. Up to 12.6% of the Irish workforce had been employed by the industry.

GPS "Homevalue Hardware" was situated on Redmond Road in Wexford Town. It was one of many supplies stores that had existed in the area. Unfortunately, the store was forced to close its doors in February of 2011. During the boom times, its car park would have been filled with customers and mini forklifts carrying construction supplies.

Nowadays, the doors are closed and weeds are starting to squeeze through the concrete.

GPS Wexford

The building itself looks worn and rusted:

Recession Ireland

Signs warn motorists that the parking spaces are for GPS customers only:

GPS, Wexford

A photograph from 2009 shows just how quickly a building like this can fall into disrepair:

Homevalue Hardware Wexford

Byrne's World of Wonder, Wexford

Photographs of the Byrne's World of Wonder outlet in Wexford. This shop sells books, toys, cards and stationary. It is also a newsagents of sorts, as it sells cigarettes and phone credit, etc.

Byrne's World of Wonder, Wexford

The Byrne's World of Wonder entrance on Mallin Street. It is probably worth noting that this entrance is no longer open. i.e. You will have to use the entrance on North Main Street.

Byrne's World of Wonder


Byrne's World of Wonder, Wexford

Pa's New & Used Furniture, Enniscorthy

A photograph of Pa's New & Used Furniture in Enniscorthy, County Wexford. This furniture store is situated on the banks of the River Slaney, on Shannon Quay.

Pa's New & Used Furniture

The Handball Alley, Wexford

A photograph of The Handball Alley shop in Cinema Lane, Wexford. This is run by Ned and Gavin Buggy. It sells handball-related gear such as balls, gloves, goggles and court shoes. Ned Buggy also used to run a sports shop in Selskar Street called Ned Buggy Sports. This was taken in December of 2014.

Handball Alley, Wexford

Christmas tree in Wexford

A photograph of the Christmas tree in Redmond Square, Wexford. In the background, you can see O Hanrahan train station. This was taken on the 26th of December, 2014.

Christmas tree Wexford

Farrell's Furniture, Wexford

A photograph of the Farrell's Furniture premises in Cinema Lane, Wexford.

Farrell's Furniture, Wexford

Athenaeum, Enniscorthy

A photograph of the old Athenaeum theatre in Enniscorthy, County Wexford. This building, which is situated on Castle Street, has been closed since 2004. The Athenaeum building dates back to the late 1800s.

Athenaeum, Enniscorthy

CBS Wexford

A photograph of the Christian Brothers secondary school in Wexford Town. The school is situated on Thomas Street, which is just up the road from Bride Street Church. This was taken on a grey day in January of 2015.

CBS Wexford

New Ross Bridge

A photograph of New Ross bridge. This bridge is apart of the important N25 road that connects Cork and Waterford with Rosslare Harbour and Wexford Town. The area behind it is known as "Waterside". This was taken in February of 2015.

New Ross Bridge

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Seamus Rafter Monument, Enniscorthy

Photographs of the Seamus Rafter monument in Enniscorthy's Abbey Square. This monument was built back in the late 1950s in memory of Seamus Rafter, who launched the Gaelic League in Enniscorthy. Rafter was also the commander of the Wexford Brigade of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. These shots were taken at the beginning of February in 2015.

Seamus Rafter Statue

Seamus Rafter Monument

Department of the Environment, Wexford

A photograph of the Department of the Environment on Wexford's Newtown Road. This building was officially opened back in June of 2010 by Green Party politician John Gormley, T.D. Located beside the Wexford County Council in Carricklawn, this building was built to be "sustainable" - using high levels of natural sunlight and ventilation, as well as "intelligent" lighting systems that conserve energy.

Department of the Environment, Wexford

Bullring Pikeman Statue

A photograph of the bronze Pikeman statue in Wexford's Bullring. The sculpture was created by Irish nationalist Oliver Sheppard back in the early 1900s.

A plaque in the vicinity reads as follows:

This monument commemorates the gallant men of Wexford who fought for Ireland's freedom in 1798. One of the many uprisings against foreign domination during the centuries of subjection 1169-1921. It is the work of Oliver Sheppard, RHA, and was erected in 1904.

In 2009, the Pikeman statue was restored, as it started to turn green. This discolouration has been caused by a build-up of rust over the decades.

Bullring Pikeman Statue

River Barrow

A photograph of the River Barrow, which begins in the Slieve Bloom Mountains in County Laois. After flowing through Athy and New Ross, the river flows into Waterford Harbour.

This shot of the river was taken in New Ross, at the entrance to the Three Sisters Marina.

River Barrow

Browne-Clayton Monument

The Browne-Clayton Monument in County Wexford was built in memory of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, who was a Scottish soldier and politician. Abercrombie also served as the Commander-in-Chief of British forces in Ireland.

The monument, which is modelled after Pompey's Pillar in Egypt, is roughly 28 metres in height and it is situated on Carrigadaggan Hill, across the road from Carrigbyrne Hill on the N25 road between New Ross and Wexford Town.

It is worth noting that this is the only existing Corinthian pillar that can be accessed from the inside.

In the mid-1990s, the monument was struck by lightning, leaving it in need of structural repairs.

Browne-Clayton Monument

Carrigbyrne Hill, Wexford

Carrigbyrne Hill in Wexford offers a wonderful scenic view, as well as a Slí na Sláinte walking route. The area also contains a number of megalithic standing stones.

The hill is located on the N25 between Wexford Town and New Ross. This shot was taken on the long stretch of road after Ballinaboola.

Carrigbyrne Hill

Pikemen statue, Wexford

A photograph of the pikemen statue on the N25 Wexford to New Ross road. The monument commemorates the 1798 rebellion, which had a lasting effect on County Wexford. The bronze pikemen stand in memory of the Battle of Three Rocks, which was a famous Irish victory during the uprising.

The monument is located close to Barntown and Forth Mountain, on the road that runs past Mother Hubbards.

Pikemen, Wexford

New Ross Marina

Photographs of the marina in New Ross, County Wexford. The Three Sisters Marina is situated on the River Barrow, on the Wexford side of the New Ross bridge.

New Ross Marina

The area is also home to various duck species and swans.

Three Sisters Marina, New Ross

The entrance is within walking distance of the Dunbrody Ship and its visitor centre.

Marina in New Ross

These shots were taken in February of 2015.

Wexford Bridge Aerial View

An aerial photograph of Wexford Town's iconic bridge. Taken from the Bing Maps "Bird's eye" feature. Visible are Ferrybank, the Riverbank Hotel and Ely Hospital. You can also see the RNLI station, which is at the base of the bridge. The fact that the station is still under construction in this picture means that it was probably taken pre-2010.

Wexford Bridge

Aerial photograph of Wexford Marina

An aerial photograph of the quay area of Wexford Town. Some notes:

  • The Stonebridge development is still under construction in this picture, which means that it was probably taken back in 2007 / 2008.
  • You can clearly see the Crescent Quay and the arm of Wexford's marina.
  • The Ballast Bank island is visible at the bottom.

This interesting shot was taken from Bing's "Birdeye" view.
Wexford Quay

Dunbrody Famine Ship

The Dunbrody Famine Ship sits on the quays of New Ross in County Wexford. This historical ship was used by emigrants to travel to the United States during the 1800s. At the time of its launch, the Great Famine had just struck; forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee the country. The ship that you see floating on the River Barrow today is actually a replica, which was built back in the 1990s using the original design.

To the left, you can see the visitor centre:

Dunbrody Famine Ship

A close-up of the ship and its "Dunbrody: New Ross" sign.

Dunbrody New Ross

Town and Country Mercantile, New Ross

A photograph of the Town and Country Mercantile outlet on New Ross' quay front. This is a gift ware shop that sells jewellery, nursery ware, fashion, lingerie and cosmetic goods. Phone number: 051 448 619.

On the left, you can see Sugar House Lane. To the right, there is a Pay and Display car park.

Town and Country Mercantile, New Ross

Lidl, New Ross

A photograph of the Lidl supermarket in New Ross, County Wexford. Situated on the main N11 road that runs through the town. This supermarket is situated beside the Topaz station.

Lidl, New Ross

New Ross

Photographs of New Ross, which is a small town in County Wexford, Ireland. These shots were taken on a bright and sunny day in February of 2015.

A photograph of the boardwalk on New Ross' quay-front:

New Ross, Wexford

The main N25 road flows through New Ross, causing a noticeable amount of traffic congestion at peak hours. Thankfully, there are plans to build a bypass for traffic going to and from Rosslare Harbour, Waterford and Cork.

In the background, you can see Michael Murphy Home Furnishing, T,J Bella's Traditional Fish & Chip and Byrne's opticians.

New Ross Quay

Another shot of the quay front. On the right, you can see the Supervalu supermarket and the entrance to one of the town centre's car parks.

New Ross

Graffiti in Wexford

Pieces of graffiti that I came across in Wexford Town, Ireland. These shots were taken on Saturday, the 10th of January, 2015. I'm going to avoid the "Art vs Vandalism" debate and just comment on them for what they are.

Taken at the side of the railway tracks on Wexford Quay, on the wall behind the Seascape Apartment block.

Graffiti, Wexford

"True", with a shamrock:

Graffiti, Wexford

Graffiti of what looks to be a woman smoking. As you can see, this looks to be a popular drinking area:

Woman smoking graffiti

The next two photographs were taken inside the grounds of the old Clover Meats factory.

"Ozdz" and a picture of a green eye:

Graffiti, Ireland

Examples of graffiti in Ireland.

Parade on North Main Street, Wexford

A photograph of the Santa parade on Wexford's North Main Street. This was taken in November of 2014, during the Christmas season. As you can see, the place was flooded with people, making it extremely difficult to move! In retrospect, it might have been a better idea to hold the parade on Wexford's quay-front, which would have surely given the crowds more space.

Main Street, Wexford

Garda traffic control

A photograph of a lone Garda doing some traffic control at the entrance to Wexford's Common Quay Street. This was taken back in November of 2014, during the run up to the Santa parade, which was due to arrive in the Bullring. The Garda in question was preventing motorists from driving up towards the Bullring, which was packed with people.

Garda traffic control on Common Quay Street in Wexford

Ferrybank, Wexford

A photograph of the Ferrybank area of Wexford Town. This was taken from the marina, which overlooks the harbour. Ferrybank is home to the Wexford Swimming Pool, as well as a camp site and hotel.

Ferrybank, Wexford

Taken by the De-Creation VI monument in Ferrybank, which was created back in 1987 by Michael Warren:

Ferrybank in Wexford Town

Looking across at Wexford's quay front:

Wexford Quay

A popular spot for walkers and joggers: