Wexford Santa Parade build-up.

Photographs showing the build-up to the Santa parade in Wexford Town (29th-Nov-2014).

The Bullring was quick to fill up with people, as it was the area where the main stage was constructed. On the left, you can see the large red switch that was used to turn on the Christmas lights:

Wexford Bullring

As Santa's arrival grew closer, the streets around the Bullring began to fill up with people. Here is a shot of North Main Street:

North Main Street, Wexford

Another shot of North Main Street, taken just outside of Shaws:

North Main Street

This one was taken by the Bank of Ireland building on Custom Quay Street:

Custom Quay Street, Wexford

Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult to get photos of the actual parade, as the crowd continued to swell, making it impossible to set down a tripod!

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