Roman Lane, Wexford

This is a photograph of a alleyway that is believed to be called Roman Lane. Situated beside the Stores building in Wexford, this particular lane runs between North Main Street and the quay. The name of this lane is disputed. According to local historian Nicky Rossiter, this is actually Oaks' Lane.

Photograph taken in the direction of North Main Street:

Roman Lane, Wexford

Taken in the direction of Wexford Quay. The red sign is for Mooney's on the Quay. The gates on the right cordon off Mooney's beer garden:

Oaks Lane, Wexford

So, if this isn't the real Roman Lane; where is it?

Nicky Rossiter has pinpointed the lane's location as being beside Shaws and The Party Bar (which used to be Levingston's). As you can imagine, many of these small streets have been lost to progress, as the buildings and streets around them were heavily altered over the centuries.

Roman Lane, Wexford

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