Metropolis Nightclub, Wexford

A photograph of Metropolis Nightclub, which was situated on Wexford's North Main Street. In the past, this spot was home to The Colony Nightclub and The Music Factory. Unfortunately, all of these were forced to close, as competition from The Stores (located nearby) and the onset of a recession made it difficult to compete.

Metropolis Nightclub, Wexford

When The Colony first opened in Wexford, it was an extremely popular spot. However, dwindling attendances and the onset of a recession eventually led to its closure.

Here is a Google Maps image of The Music Factory (taken in 2009):

The Music Factory, Wexford

The Music Factory shut its doors at the start of 2010.

Metropolis Nightclub closed in April of 2015. Here is a shot that was taken in Dec, 2014 - Back when the 12 Pubs of Christmas was on:

Metropolis , Wexford