12 Pubs of Christmas - Wexford

Photographs of Wexford during the "12 Pubs of Christmas" night on Saturday, the 20th of December, 2014. As you can see, the town was extremely busy and litter was at a much higher level than what it usually is. That night, there were a number of arrests for public order offences (remember, this is when staff parties are in full swing and people are drinking more than what they can handle, simply because the name of the game is to visit 12 pubs and have a drink in each one of them).

A shot of broken glass outside of The Undertaker pub in Wexford's Bullring. To the right, you can see fashion store Fat Face:

12 Pubs of Christmas - North Main Street, Wexford

Another shot of the Bullring and it's Christmas tree.

Wexford Bullring