Wexford Military Show

The Wexford Military Show took place at Bettyville Race Course in Wexford Town. It included re-enactments from Roman soldiers and Celts; as well as military vehicles and weapons (including Airsoft rifles and the like). I even saw what looked to be large Terminator-style rail gun.

This photograph was taken on Sunday, the 31st of May, 2015. Unfortunately, the battery in my camera died seconds after I took this!

Military Show

A camera phone shot of the Terminator T-800 face mask and rail gun:


A World War 2 era sidecar. The sig rune (aka Siegrune) emblem shows that this was used by the SS, a paramilitary organization that came to power under Hitler:

WW2 Sidecar

A white-painted UN truck with an Irish tricolour and machine gun:

UN Truck

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