Wexford Military Show

The Wexford Military Show took place at Bettyville Race Course in Wexford Town. It included re-enactments from Roman soldiers and Celts; as well as military vehicles and weapons (including Airsoft rifles and the like). I even saw what looked to be large Terminator-style rail gun.

This photograph was taken on Sunday, the 31st of May, 2015. Unfortunately, the battery in my camera died seconds after I took this!

Military Show

A camera phone shot of the Terminator T-800 face mask and rail gun:


A World War 2 era sidecar. The sig rune (aka Siegrune) emblem shows that this was used by the SS, a paramilitary organization that came to power under Hitler:

WW2 Sidecar

A white-painted UN truck with an Irish tricolour and machine gun:

UN Truck

Railway Sheds

The old railway sheds, which are situated inside the grounds of Wexford Train Station. Visible from Redmond Place (these sheds have shown up in photographs that were taken before Wexford Bridge even existed, so they must be pretty old). The building to the far right is operated by the RNLI.

Railway Sheds

Kebab Bite, Wexford

A photograph of the Kebab Bite outlet on Redmond Road in Wexford Town. Kebab Bite is a "traditional fish and chips" takeaway shop that sells chips, fish, kebabs, pizzas and burgers. Also visible are Crafty, Evans and Pizza Hut.

Kebab Bite