Carrig Graveyard

Carrig Graveyard is an old cemetery in Wexford, Ireland. It is home to many of those who were killed during the insurrection of 1798.

The gate is closed most days of the year, forcing visitors to climb over the steps in the wall:

Carrig Graveyard Gate

A close-up shot of the memorial plaque, which honours those who died in the 1798 Rebellion. The Irish / Gaeilge means: "May they all be at the right side of God."

Carrig Graveyard plaque

A grass pathway leads to the inner gate of the graveyard:


The inner gate, which is also closed:

Cemetery Gate

Many of the graves are in a bad state - having been weathered down over the centuries:

Old Grave

Some of the headstones are now broken into pieces:

Broken headstone


An old crypt / mausoleum of some sort:


Old crypt

Collapsing graves are not a pretty sight:

Grave collapsing

Carrig Graveyard is home to many unmarked graves, as families in those times (pre-1800s) were often too poor to be able to purchase a headstone:

Carrig Cemetery

Many of the headstones that you see in the graveyard belong to people who died in the late 1800s / early 1900s:

Carrig Graveyard

Old graveyard

It is impossible to tell how many people are buried here, as communal mass graves were a common thing in earlier centuries (the cost of purchasing a plot would have been out of reach for many a grieving family).

Old grave cross

Old grave


Old headstones

For more information about the graveyard and its location, click here.

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