The Holy Grail Restaurant, Wexford

A photograph of the new "The Holy Grail" restaurant in Wexford Town. Situated in Selskar, at the top of Trimmer's Lane, where Taste restaurant used to be (and the Purple and Gold Pet Shop before that). You can see another shot of it here in this picture of Temperance Row. (EDIT: Because people seem to be landing on this page while searching for a phone number, I figured that I would be helpful by adding it. The number for The Holy Grail restaurant in Wexford is 0539144100).

The Holy Grail Restaurant, Wexford

Thankfully, the premises didn't stay vacant for too long!

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  1. Just had a lovely meal here today. Food great, service very good -noone hovering over you every few minutes asking is everything okay! Left to enjoy your food! Love the decor! Well worth a visit! Good food and very good value!