Floods in Enniscorthy.

On the morning of Wednesday, the 30th of December, 2015, the River Slaney in Enniscorthy burst its banks. The floods were caused by a combination of factors:

  1. Previous plans to erect flood defences had been objected against on the grounds that they would reduce or damage the natural beauty of the area.
  2. Storm Frank spread across Ireland overnight, bringing heavy rainfall and strong southerly gale-force winds. Between 40-70mm of rain fell in the region.

A parked car gets stuck in the flood waters by The Promenade in Enniscorthy - beside Sheehan's Cash & Carry:

Car in flood

A wider view of The Promenade, showing the Riverside Park Hotel:

Floods Enniscorthy

The N11 in Enniscorthy was impassable:


At least the swans were happy:

Eniscorthy floods

A shot of the two bridges:


Two men helping a motorist at the Riverside Park Hotel:

Riverside Park Hotel

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  1. the people that block the flood barriers here in Enniscorthy should be named and the locals or people that get flooded in enniscorthy should be able to vote for the flood barriers to be erected this should law i own my own my home here on island rd so if wexford co dont put up barriers they should pay out to us the unfortunate